Common mistakes in argumentative essay

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Common mistakes in argumentative essay
Many students immediately find a suitable topic among the selectable topics. This is a good start for your argumentation. If you are interested in a question, do not hesitate and start your work. But STOP!
Mistake No. 1: You immediately think of many ideas and arguments and want to start writing as soon as possible? Don't make this mistake, but write down your thoughts in bullet points on a notepad. Think first, then write!
Mistake No. 2: In dialectical discussions, collect the same number of arguments for both sides - for PRO and for CON(like here: Even if you already have an opinion about an issue, you should not neglect the opposing side. This is especially important for a balanced and successful argument.
"If I find great arguments, then my argumentation must result in a good or very good grade" - Watch out. In German, more than just correct argumentation counts. Of course, the argumentation is particularly important for your essay, but mistakes in sentence structure, grammar and spelling should also be avoided at all costs.
Mistake No. 3: Don't just concentrate on one argument. Check for good readability and avoid careless mistakes that have crept into the spelling. Also, try azwritingreviews and not to make sentences too short or too long.
Mistake No. 4: Teachers attach particular importance to nice transitions. The red thread, also called stringency, must run through your entire paper. Make a special effort to use a nicely formulated transition sentence between each argument. Here you can find some examples of transitions:
o Furthermore, one should consider that ...
o On the one hand ... / On the other hand ...
o Furthermore ...
o Apart from ..., it should not be forgotten that ...
The introduction should contain the following elements for the reader:
The reader should be given an overview of the topic
An introductory sentence facilitates the entry into your argumentation The reader's interest should be aroused
An outlook for the argumentation in the main part can be given. Tip: Make sure you use and have nice introductions, as this is particularly important for readability! Attention: In the text-bound discussion, the following must be mentioned: Author, date of publication, title, type of text and a short summary.
You can think of many arguments on your topic and you prefer to choose many arguments, but you save a little on your reasons and examples - No, please don't do that!
Mistake No. 5: Choose fewer, but strong and convincing arguments, which you emphasise with reasons and examples. Sort out less important arguments - even if it is difficult for you. Concentrate on your important arguments!
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